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Artist Background

For the past fifteen years, photographer John Davis has built a reputation for his unique blend of digital technology and cultural references. He has worked with a variety of clients including the Friends of the Urban Forest, the August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Public Broadcasting System television station WQED, Carnegie Magazine, Carnegie Library, and the Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh.

He has also produced CD covers and promotional material for country bands in Western Pennsylvania and his work is collected at the Global Headquarters of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries in Pittsburgh. He is recently the winner of the online Better Photo Contest, placing first in over 5,800 entries and has won honorable mention in the International Photography Competition’s architectural division.

Now located in the Los Angeles area, he has begun a long-term project called Mahj on My Mind. His unique Mahj-Art combines cultural and aesthetic references with elements of the popular game of American Mah Jongg.